Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Training Programs

Over the Last 10 years, I have been learning more and more about diets and training through podcasts, youtube videos (I listen to specific people and not just your random Joe Blow off the street) and through experimentation using myself as a human guinea pig.  Why? Because I want to find what works for me to help improve my quality of life and help to hone my JiuJitsu abilities.  I LOVE JiuJitsu- Japanese and Brazilian.  Each art has its own place in the real world but combine them and that real world training becomes even a larger playground.  Add in an excellent striking art (like Muay Thai or real karate) and man you will become unstoppable!  Add to that a perfect diet (one that works for you) and strength training (one that will fit your body) and you can defend or protect yourself from almost anything. 

I have provided three different links to training programs that are AWESOME.  I have purchased programs from all three and love them.  I rotate them monthly and I can't brag enough about the benefits of each one.  My physical appearance have changed- I am more toned, my bodyfat has decreased, my strength has increased and when I roll or practice street defense I can out last most of my training partners.  So click on one of the above links and check them out.  He is a sample form one of the programs:

This one comes form the Strength Gym:

Day 1:
100 Squats
4 rounds of max rep push-ups
40 walking lunges each leg
4 rounds of max rep recline rows
30 knee raises (either hanging or dip bar)
3 rounds of max rep or time of grip work 

The training sessions can be done anywhere and at any time.  They require very little or almost no equipment.  The only thing that is required to start is your will and motivation to get started and keep that motivation going.  Give them a try and see what you think.  Strength Gym

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